Type VI


Kutip offers individually modelled and solid cladding (GRP) for round or angular barrels as well as structures of all kinds. The large size elements can be installed vertically or titled – with relatively few bolted joints. In this way, the cladding protects against driving rain in particular. Maintenance is simple by all means. If required, cladding is also available in small-sized units.

Facade claddings made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) for sewage treatment plants, thickeners, industrial facilities or buildings are UV resistant, weatherproof and protect against aggressive sewage as well as gases and vapours. Claddings by Type VI withstand high strain and are extra shockproof.

As compared to common claddings, for example made by fibre cement, facades made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) can be cleaned easily. These claddings can be given a welcome optic due to almost unlimited opportunities according to scope for design and RAL-colours. Additionally, translucent executions are available.

Do you intend to renew facades or to face a new building by a solid material? Kutip designs type VI, just as all other types, individually and customised. Contact us!


at a Glance

  • Customised cladding in terms of any kind of structures
  • Individual shape regarding to every single element
  • Large size elements with relatively few bolted joints
  • Easy fitting and maintenance
  • UV resistant, weatherproof and protective against aggressive sewage as well as gases and vapours
  • Extra shockproof
  • Executions with translucent, airtight, electrically conducting and insulating constructions
RAL compartments

RAL Colours

Our Products Are Available in Almost Any RAL Hue

The product line of Kutip is available in almost unlimited executions according to scope for design and RAL hue.

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