Type II

Barrel Covering (flat design)

This type provides a flat designed GRP barrel covering especially for large and elongated tanks. Rain overflow basins, clarifying basins, pumping stations as well as industrial facilities can be covered optimally by these straight, flat designed GRP elements. Cover units can be produced acid-resistant – at the outside and/or at the inside. Furthermore, the flat designed barrel coverings are weatherproof, UV-resistant, air-permeable and odour reducing.

The flat designed barrel covering consists of separate shell elements. Kutip designs, delivers and assembles the GRP cover units - according to static requirements - up to 20 metres in length. Optional, executions with translucent, airtight, electrically conducting and insulating constructions are available.

Do you have any other ideas according to flat designed barrel covering? Kutip constructs the type II covering, as well as our further products, individually and appropriate to your requirements. Contact us!


at a Glance

  • Customised and self-supporting covering, suitable for all kind of barrels and basins
  • Material made of solid plastic
  • Any desired installation options regarding to access openings
  • Flexible adjustment to physical circumstances
  • Nearly unlimited opportunities according to scope for design and RAL hue
  • Executions with translucent, airtight, electrically conducting and insulating constructions
  • Without longitudinal strut or sub construction (just as type I)

Examples of Application

Technical Quality Made to Measure

More Products

Precision Work by Professionals

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    Barrel Covering (domed, self-supporting)

    Suitable for round basins up to 32 metres in diameter.

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  • kutip-produkte-typ03-slider-eng.jpg

    Barrel Covering (flat design, corrugated)

    Based on a supporting framework and corresponds to building supervision approval.

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  • kutip-produkte-typ04-slider-eng.jpg

    Patented GRP Covering (flat design)

    Sophisticated construction - state of the art.

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    Floating Covering

    Lightweight as well as solid covering. Heat-insulating, self-contained and maintenance-free.

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    Individually GRP moulded elements, sturdy cladding, round or angular, for tanks and constructions of all kinds.

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    Containers and Enclosures

    Our containers and enclosures provide practical, lightweight and flexible solutions. The products are thermally insulating, light-tight and noise absorbing.

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    Apart from already existing covering solutions, we are keen on meeting new challenges.

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