Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

A Disruptive Material

Excellent characteristics in favour of demanding coverings.

Kutip produces coverings made of an extraordinary material - glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP has outstanding features: highly solid, chemically resistant and extremely durable.

GRP: very reliable, highly elastic and resistant to bending.
Glass fibre reinforced plastics are “programmable” materials. They belong to the category of so called “anisotropic composites”, which are composed of glass fibres and three-dimensional resin. Glass fibres absorb tractive forces virtually without strain. They are durable, reliable, elastic and resistant to bending.

GRP in Comparison
Glass fibre reinforced plastics are lighter and more corrosion resistant than other materials such as iron, construction steel, titanium and aluminium. Furthermore, glass fibre reinforced plastics are more cost-effective and more chemical resistant. In addition, GRP is lighter than concrete or ceramic materials. Compared to timber, glass fibre reinforced plastics are more solid, harder, more age-resistant and substantially more flame-resistant.

Advantages of GRP Coverings

Made by Kutip

  • High crushing, ultimate tensile and bending strength
  • Extreme resistance to weather
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Good electrical insulating properties with simultaneous permeability of electromagnetic waves
  • Durability
  • Freedom from maintenance
  • Almost unlimited opportunities according to scope for design and RAL hue
  • Cost-effective production, assembling and disassembly

RAL Colours

Our Products Are Available in Almost Any RAL Hue

The product line of Kutip is available in almost unlimited executions according to scope for design and RAL hue.

Our Products

Professional Made-to-measure Work

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    Barrel Covering (domed, self-supporting)

    Suitable for round basins up to 32 metres in diameter.

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    Barrel Covering (flat design)

    Enables GRP covering of large and elongated tanks.

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    Barrel Covering (flat design, corrugated)

    Based on a supporting framework and corresponds to building supervision approval.

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    Patented GRP Covering (flat design)

    Sophisticated construction - state of the art.

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    Floating Covering

    Lightweight as well as solid covering. Heat-insulating, self-contained and maintenance-free.

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    Individually GRP moulded elements, sturdy cladding, round or angular, for tanks and constructions of all kinds.

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    Containers and Enclosures

    Our containers and enclosures provide practical, lightweight and flexible solutions. The products are thermally insulating, light-tight and noise absorbing.

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    Apart from already existing covering solutions, we are keen on meeting new challenges.

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