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Quality Handicraft Coverings – Made to Measure

Since 2001, we at Kutip have been standing for expertise regarding specialised glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) construction. We have committed ourselves to the GRP technology and develop individual solutions for our customers throughout Europe: from planning and calculation to manufacturing and assembly to final approval.

With almost 20 years of experience in the specialised GRP construction, owner and graduate engineer Markus Zwirnlein disposes of distinct expertise. Before founding Kutip, he was a leading employee in a company specialising in GRP construction.

The production of the in-house planned GRP construction parts takes place in the company-owned factory in Poland, managed by owner Markus Zwirnlein as well as in selected subcontractors’ factories. The assembly is executed by an experienced Kutip assembly-team.

We at Kutip are constantly looking for new challenges: we are developing new customer-oriented fields for specialised GRP parts, for e.g. in architectural facade construction or the petrol chemistry. Certainly, we are also striving for projects within the European surrounding to strengthen our market position even more.

We would gladly submit a proposal for the planning and construction of your individual building project. Convince yourself of our various types of constructions in our references. Contact us - it would give us great pleasure.

Your Kutip team - your expert for coverings and special elements made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

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Time Lapse Shooting Type V – Floating Covering

Our Products

Professional Made-to-measure Work

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    Barrel Covering (domed, self-supporting)

    Suitable for round basins up to 32 metres in diameter.

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    Barrel Covering (flat design)

    Enables GRP covering of large and elongated tanks.

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    Barrel Covering (flat design, corrugated)

    Based on a supporting framework and corresponds to building supervision approval.

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    Patented GRP Covering (flat design)

    Sophisticated construction - state of the art.

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    Floating Covering

    Lightweight as well as solid covering. Heat-insulating, self-contained and maintenance-free.

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    Individually GRP moulded elements, sturdy cladding, round or angular, for tanks and constructions of all kinds.

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    Containers and Enclosures

    Our containers and enclosures provide practical, lightweight and flexible solutions. The products are thermally insulating, light-tight and noise absorbing.

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    Apart from already existing covering solutions, we are keen on meeting new challenges.

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