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Custom-made and Professional – Produced Individually for You

Be it special coverings, unsupported coverings, chute tops or floating coverings – Kutip has proven to be a reliable and competent partner in diverse projects concerning the construction of cover units for nearly 20 years now. Our know how is in great demand especially in terms of GRP constructions with massive span width. We design and produce custom-made coverings for all forms of tanks, watercourses and basins.

Kutip relies preferably on GRP concerning all coverings. In many cases, this material is applied together with polyurethane hard foam. GRP convinces by resistance to weather and acids as well as its durability. If required, coverings can be applied with a special chemical protection layer at the inside or at the outside. Furthermore, regarding GRP coverings, there are nearly unlimited opportunities according to scope for design and colours.

GRP coverings made by Kutip are characterised by superior technical quality. Our products are designed and customised in detail – subject to your desired purpose. Please get an overview of our product line below.

Product Overview

GRP Coverings and Special Elements

TYP I - Tonnenabdeckung in Kuppelbauweise

Barrel Covering (domed, self-supporting)

Suitable for round basins up to 32 metres in diameter.

Type II - Barrel Covering (flat design)

Barrel Covering (flat design)

Enables GRP covering of large and elongated tanks.

TYPE III - Barrel Covering (flat design; corrugated)

Barrel Covering (flat design, corrugated)

Based on a supporting framework and corresponds to building supervision approval.

TYPE IV - Patented, Flat Designed GRP Covering

Patented GRP Covering (flat design)

Sophisticated construction – state of the art.

TYPE V - Floating Covering

Floating Covering

Lightweight as well as solid covering. Heat-insulating, self-contained and maintenance-free.

TYPE VI - Facades


Individually GRP moulded elements, sturdy cladding, round or angular, for tanks and constructions of all kinds.

TYPE VII - Containers and Enclosures

Containers and Enclosures

Our containers and enclosures provide practical, lightweight and flexible solutions. The products are thermally insulating, light-tight and noise absorbing.



Apart from already existing covering solutions, we are keen on meeting new challenges.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

A Material with Numerous Benefits

Being an expert regarding GRP specialised units, we make use of a very remarkable material for fabrication of our cover elements: glass fibre reinforced plastic, which contains excellent features compared to other materials: GRP is resistant to all atmospheric influences such as rain, snow, hail, heat, cold, UV radiation and even acid.

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